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1.  ELITE – Leadership & Business Growth Coaching

Going for DOUBLE IMPACT whilst balancing WORK/LIVE!
Your personal Change will provoke a positive ripple effect on both your dears and the Organization(s) depending on You!

To benefit from both Personal Leadership coaching for Personal Growth combined with Project Coaching professionalize your organization.
To make your organisation FIT and READY for Sustainable Long term Growth.  

Lift & shift your organization into the next level of professionalism to lead in your unique way.
Step into a growth journey to transform and re-launch your business into a sustainable growth path.

2.  STRATEGY – execution power  

Do More… with Less  – Keep your focus & get excellent in strategy execution 

Also the feeling that energy – time, money, resources – is wasted on your path to realize your strategy?

Only 30% of all projects is succeeding completely in reaching the set objectives.  Only about 50% succeeds in strategy implementation.  No wonder that only 9% of companies grow more then 10 years.

As within the ELITE program we start from your focus and strategy for growth.  We review with you the project portfolio’s to make sure resources are balanced.  We look at the effectiveness and efficiency of running projects in a consistent and transparent way.  Depending on the level of maturity in running projects we determine and implement a common project language from a few pilots to shape it to your specific business and coach your teams until you become self-sufficient in running projects.  You will become more effective in implementing your strategy and pave the way to growth for the long term.

  • Strategy review towards more focus
  • Implement a proven Concept and Approach to more then 100+ Projects in the past 20 years.
  • Tap into the rich Project & Change experience of the Project Coach to grow your organization fast & cheap!

3.  Project Dream-Start Workshop

Do More… in Less time  –  Try it out!

To give your Initiative a BOOST!  A step by step teaching followed by coached learning with the Project Coach using your Real Live Project.  No-Nonsense with immediate tengeable Results = Project Charter & High-level Plan.

The Project Coach leads the session to gradually define the fundamental building blocs for your Project.  The Workshop takes a couple of days depending your Scope, Size and Scale of Your Project

  • On-The-Job Learning in the shortest time possible
  • A proven Concept and Approach with more then 100+ Projects in the past 20 years.
  • Tap into the rich Project & Change experience of the Master Project Coach.

4.  Project Management – on demand

Running out of time? Temporary shortage in qualified resources?  We help you out fast and reliable. 

We have a longlist of possible assignments in a very broad field of industries and functions as well as a wide network we can call upon:

  • Large and complex: Relocating/Move your headquarters to another location – realize a set of opportunities ‘in the move’ making the move a blessing instead of a burden
  • Setting up world class shared service centers – either centralization and standardization of activities or completely outsourcing non-core activities or in between
  • Setting up & running a large exhebition event – from start-up to – execution – to cleanup
  • Innovation implementation and Roll-out in Europe
  • Crisis Management – putting projects back on track or stop in the worst case
  • Restructure after a Merger or Divest
  • etc.

Project Quality Kaizen & Recommendations

The cost to correct an error increases exponentially with time between the occurrence and the discovery.

Projects Quality is the Mirror we often forget or deny to consult.  However, do not wait until you are in deep waters.  A quick review by the expert can reveil points of attention that are still possible to address and implement to secure success.

5.  Project Management – Coaching & Learning Platform 

A great Coach can lead you to a place until you do need him anymore
– Andre Agassi

We offer specific CULTURE CHANGE programs & coach you until successful transformation.

Such as:

  • Implementing a Project Management & Change Management culture to effectively execute your growth strategy – optimizing spend and lowering risks
  • Installing a Corporate Social Responsibility program as part of your Sustainable Growth Strategy – motto in live: “Less is more”, an holistic approach.  Installing a long term Positive learning mindset with focus on core capabilities building – as opposed to negatively trying to fix the weaknesses of non-core

Change Management & Business Process improvement 

What gets measured gets done

For us change management is a integral part of a project.  It is not a sideline fancy communication program.

In our approach every project and his stakeholders are included to master the complete change to a real transformation.

By definition, a project has a start & an end.  The end is when everything is in place to complete the transformation .  So every structural effort to maintain the change for its intended life cycle is taken care off in the project.  That is what we call a real transformation.

  • Learning Techniques on Process improvement and or Re-engineering to leverage new technology opportunities and standardize for better performance (higher speed, less cost, higher quality) and industry best practices implementation
  • World class Process improvements on: Procurement, Artwork projects shared services, Financial Shared Services, Insurance administration, Logistics, etc.