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Triple Benefit – Quick Start your Project

Workshop to deliver your project charter & high-level plan

Goal: To speed up the start of your project without compromising on quality and potential success.

Assumption: You have a Project Manager and Sponsor appointed or in mind and a Core Project Team has been identified.

If not, then we will create an optimal team structure, increasing the odds of a successful project.

Duration: The workshop and teambuilding take approximately 1 to 2 days depending on the scale, the complexity and the number of stakeholders involved.

Location: An off-site location. This is the ideal setting to get the focus right and create flow in the teams.

Deliverables: A project charter @ 80-100% readiness to execute the plan.

Your Project Charter is your “Contract” to Success.

The remaining parts to reach 100% readiness tend to be related to the decision to commit to resources and timing in balance with your ambitions.

Ad hoc & Milestone Coaching until completion: 

Once the execution of the plan starts, the Coach will support the Sponsor, the Project Manager and his Team on agreed to Milestones to maximize learning experience on the job.  Upon request the coaching can be extended to all or part of the key Stakeholders.

Growth: The more people benefit from this learning experience, the more positive impact it will have on your core strategy execution capability in the future.

Extra bonus: The upfront inclusion of the key project stakeholders.  This may include your customers (internal and/or external), your partners, suppliers and internal sponsor and your core project team members.

Guarantee: High quality approach delivering immediate results in the shortest time possible.